Cabrini College Faculty and Staff
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Name Title Location
Ms Dawn Barnett  Director of Facilities 229 Willow Ave
                  Phone: (610) 902-1071 Email:
Mr Eric Bascelli  Mechanical Shop Foreman Grace Hall Mechanical Shop
                  Phone: (610) 902-8143 Email:
Mr Michael Cerceo Jr Maintenance Tech III HVAC Grace Hall Mechanical Shop
                  Phone: (610) 902-8141 Email:
Mr Edward Fuges  Maint Tech III Carpenter 229 Willow Ave
                  Phone: (610) 902-8242 Email:
Mr Michael Pizzuto  Physical Arrangement Coord 229 Willow Ave
                  Phone: (610) 902-8239 Email:
Mr John Premo  Maintenance Tech III, Plumber Willow Ave
                  Phone: (610) 902-8242 Email:
Mr Christian Protesto  Structural Trades Supervisor 229 Willow Ave
                  Phone: (610) 902-8140 Email:
Mr Joseph Rebarchak  Strctrl Trade Frmn-Maint Tech 229 Willow Ave
                  Phone: (610) 902-8242 Email:
Mr Jeremy Schlosser  Facilities Event Assistant 229 Willow Ave
                  Phone: (610) 902-8242 Email:
Mrs Mary Shrader  Facilities Office Coordinator 229 Willow Ave
                  Phone: (610) 902-8242 Email:
Mr Lawrence Stauffer  Maintenance Tech III Electric Grace Hall Mechanical Shop
                  Phone: (610) 902-8215 Email:
Mr Mark Toner  Maintenance Tech III Carpenter Facilities, 229 Willow Ave
                  Phone: (610) 902-8242 Email:
Mr Jay Unger Sr Building Systems Supervisor 229 Willow Ave
                  Phone: (610) 902-8747 Email: