Cabrini College Faculty and Staff
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Information Technologies & Resources
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Name Title Location
Mr Anthony Capolingua  ITR Business Analyst/Assistant Founder'S Hall Rm 108
                  Phone: (610) 902-8757 Email:
Ms Marlayne Dundovich  Director of ITR Founders Hall Room 108
                  Phone: (610) 902-8366 Email:
Mr Jared Frenzel Sulyok  IT Support Specialist Founders Hall Room 108
                  Phone: (610) 902-8764 Email:
Ms Ronda German  Sr. Business Analyst Founder'S Hall Rm 108
                  Phone: (610) 902-8366 Email:
Mr Robert Getz  System Analyst Founders Hall Lower Level
                  Phone: (610) 902-8366 Email:
Mrs Alla Goykhman  Non-Employee Associate
                  Phone: Email:
Mr Rafael Hinojosa  Non-Employee Associate 3141 Chestnut St
                  Phone: (215) 895-2457 Email:
Mr Todd Kern  Sr. Network Engineer Founders Hall Room 112
                  Phone: (610) 902-8366 Email:
Mr Joseph Lanni  Networking Associate Founders 112
                  Phone: (610) 902-1020 Email:
Mrs Abigail Maley  Online Learning Supp. Spec. Founder'S Hall
                  Phone: (610) 902-8366 Email:
Ms Iesha Massey  Non-Employee Associate Founders HALL-ITR
                  Phone: (610) 902-8366 Email:
Mr Matthew Nocifore  Non-Employee Associate Founders Hall Room 108, Drexel Employee
                  Phone: (610) 902-8366 Email:
Mr Liam O'Dowd  Non-Employee Associate Founders Hall Rm 108
                  Phone: (610) 902-8366 Email:
Ms Leanna Phan  Non-Employee Associate Drexel University Office Of Itr
                  Phone: Email:
Mr Robert Pigors  Networking Associate Founders Room 112
                  Phone: (610) 902-1020 Email:
Ms Srivalli Pillutla  Non-Employee Associate CES-IRT 3141, Chestnut St
                  Phone: (610) 805-6065 Email:
Mr Kyle Saul  IT Support Specialist Founders, Room 108
                  Phone: (610) 902-8366 Email:
Mr Bruce Sheeran  Non-Employee Associate-Drexel 3141 Chestnut St
                  Phone: (215) 895-1628 Email:
Mr Ed Szumanski  Networking Associate Founders Room 112
                  Phone: (610) 902-1020 Email:
Ms Wing Wong  Non-Employee Associate 3141 Chestnut St
                  Phone: (215) 895-1935 Email:
Mr Chong Zhang  Non-Employee Associate 15 S 33rd St
                  Phone: (215) 895-1298 Email: